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Frequently Asked Questions.
Browse through our frequently asked questions! Please send us a direct message through our live chat if your question is not addressed below.


Where is my spot number?

You’ll find your spot number displayed on the ground at the entrance to your parking spot. 

Can I order food before I get there?

In some cities we are able to accept pre-orders for food! Simply let us know the time you’ll arrive so we can plan on when to have the food out of the oven! Once you park, simply send us a message with your order number to our chat system along with your parking spot and we’ll run the food out to you!

How do I place an order?

Just follow the menu and add desired items to your cart! Select checkout! Then input your payment information along with your parking spot number! You’ll receive a receipt to your email and that’s it! We will bring the food to you!

Can I order food with cash?

We cannot accept cash payments at this time. 

What's on the menu?

Each menu is custom built and will be different for each city. Please select the city you’re interested in viewing and browse the menu! 


Is the price per ticket or per car?

The price is per car! Bring your family and/or friends at no extra cost! 

How will we hear the movie?

You’ll tune in through your car’s stereo to one of our radio stations 99.7, 90.5, or 89.7

Can we pay cash at the gate for tickets?

Occasionally we can accept cash at the gate. However, the best way to guarantee a parking spot is to purchase your tickets online. Once a movie is sold out, you will not be able to buy a ticket online or at the gate. 

I have the order confirmation email but where is my ticket?

The order confirmation email will have a download link for your tickets! The download 

What movies are playing?

Great question! Head over to and check out the line-up in your area!


How early should I arrive?

I would arrive minimum 20 to 30 minutes prior to the movie start time. This will allow you enough time to get parked and settled.

Can I sit in the bed of my truck?

Yes! You may sit in the bed of your truck! However, please be mindful of those next to you and behind you. Large vehicles will be parked towards the back ensuring smaller vehicles are able see. 

What if my car battery dies?

We have jump boxes on hand to get you going!

Where is my spot number?

You’ll find your spot number displayed on the ground at the entrance to your parking spot.